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Have you got en event, birthday or celebration coming up? Would you like something a bit different that will get kids moving and having fun? Why not try a Fitness for Kids party.

Let us help you plan a Fitness Party!

From working with children for many years, I have experienced many different types of birthday parties and celebrations. The most important thing is the children having fun, exercise is just an added bonus!

Our Parties offer a range of activities, games, competitions and challenges that is tailored to suit the groups needs and ages. We offer 1 – 3 hours entertainment that allows the parents too take a step back (or take part) and brings the kids on a fun fitness journey that starts by bringing it back to basics, playing childhood games, keeping it simple and enjoyable.

No matter what the age, we can do a Fitness party! 

If you would like to get some more information, feel free to call me on 085 391 0486 or email me on


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