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What We Do


Our virtual programs can be offered to anybody. It offers a detailed program through an aerobic wave to bring kids of all ages through a fitness journey.


It gives detailed explanations as to what we do, what we offer as well as why we do it. We have developed our plans with the Aistear Curriculum in mind but also programs for Primary Schools. For every part of the program we include aims and learning goals that are achieved which helps pre-Schools follow easily.

Each program can be completed by kids as young as 3 but also challenges teenagers!. They come with simple tasks, exercise elements and explanations as you why we do what we do!

Our programs are very affordable and follow a step by step guide to get those kids moving. We offer some mini challenges and fitness tests to run throughout our 4 week programs.

Who are our programs for?

  • Childcare services

  • After – school services

  • Primary and secondary schools

  • Home workouts for the whole family

  • Playgroups

  • Any other childcare group

Some parts of our Programs include:

  • Warm up

  • Stretch

  • Exercises

  • Challenges

  • Partner games

  • Game time

  • Cool down

  • Stretch

Fitness Program we offer:

  • At home,

  • Pre-School (using Aistear curriculum)

  • In school / Afterschool services

  • NEW *  Parent & Child workouts

Fitness for Kids currently have piloted programs in Pre-Schools, Primary Schools and a few families and are receiving great feedback and results. Here is some of the feedback:

“The children loved it and so did the teachers”

“The children were very interested in it and asked to do it the following day”

“It was great to see the children working together and cheering each other on”

“10/10 Very enjoyable’

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