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Meet Sharon Flanagan (Walsh) the founder of Fitness for Kids. Her two greatest passions have always been working with children and exercise.  She has many more now, including three little girls, a husband and her dog Cooper. From competing in Irish dancing for 13 years to loving long walks anywhere especially Howth cliffs and taking part in Crossfit, she always remains active. Running after three toddlers adds to that!

Sharon has spent over twenty years working with children to include owning and running her own creche and also being a nanny, this led her to combining all her passions to make a real difference in children’s every day lives. In todays world many children spend too much time being sedentary having too much ‘screen time’. Fitness for Kids aim to get kids moving more and enjoying exercise all in a positive fun environment. We base each class on physical development first while incorporating intellectual, language, emotional and social development.

Fitness for Kids make fitness a part of life and sets children up on their fitness journey. We work on teamwork, co-operation, friendship and self-confidence. We encourage fun, games and activities to keep the children motivated and having as much fun as possible.

Fitness for Kids caters for EVERY child. It is not just for the sporty, confident kid. Our main focus is bringing out the best in each child. We encourage only positive outlooks on fitness and fun is key to every class.

Our motto is from Baby steps to giant leaps. We start with each child at the very beginning and bring them to whatever giant leaps means to them. Every child is an individual as is their program.

So let’s get this journey started…

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