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I Can Do It Branded Journal!

We are so excited to announce that we are now working with crèches, after school services, specialised groups, teams and any groups that work with children to offer a bespoke I Can Do It experience!

This will include:

  • A  journal for each child in the group branded with your logo.

  • Training for the children on how to make the most of the journal.

  • Training for the staff / leaders to help guide the children through the journals and to learn the benefits of using it.

  • Weekly / Monthly check ins.

  • Full access to our support / private members group.

  • Priority access to future ‘ I Can Do It’ events.

All training will hopefully be in person but can be completed virtually too.

If you own, work in or know a group that can benefit from this please tag or send this post to them! We are so excited to bring I Can Do It to as many kids as possible!


From Baby Steps to Giant Leaps!

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